Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coca-Cola Delivery Truck Involved in Anaheim Intersection Accident that Leaves 2 Injured

At least two people were left injured after a vehicle accident occurred last Monday in an Anaheim intersection.

According to police, it was about 2:50 in the afternoon when they arrived at the Lincoln Avenue and Rio Vista Street intersection to respond to a call from a witness who reported a collision that involved a white Ford Aerostar and a Coca-Cola delivery truck.

Reports said that the male driver and a female passenger of the minivan were transported to the UCI Medical Center in Orange County with severe injuries. Meanwhile, the driver of the delivery truck was unscathed, according to police.

Initial investigation revealed that the minivan was traveling south-bound on Rio Vista, while the delivery truck was heading west-bound on Lincoln when the accident occurred. Based on police report, the minivan ran a red light and broadsided the delivery truck.

Portions of Lincoln and Rio Vista have been temporarily closed while the investigation was on-going.

Similar to this case, trucks are not always at fault during vehicle accidents. In some instances, other vehicles are at fault. This is due to a simple reason—trucks being a huge vehicle, have the disadvantage of not seeing everything that is happening below, particularly the smaller cars traveling along its sides. Therefore, truck accidents are often unavoidable.

Trucks are huge; therefore, they tend to accumulate momentum much more than any other vehicle as they pick up speed according to the laws of physics, said by a Los Angeles injury lawyer. This makes trucks particularly prone to accidents.