Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Usher’s Stepson Dies Due to Brain Injury

After two weeks in life support, Usher’s stepson Kile Glover died early Saturday morning after the boy’s mother and Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster, decided to make a tough decision to remove his life support.

Usher’s 11-year-old stepson was declared brain dead by doctors in an Atlanta hospital after a tragic jet ski accident at Lake Lanier last July 7.

According to reports, Kile and his 15-year-old friend were playing in an inner tube while being pulled by a speed boat when a 38-year-old man in jet ski struck them. As a result of which, Kile sustained severe brain injury and was in fact unconscious as he was being taken off the water while his friend likewise sustained brain injury and a broken arm but her condition was not as severe as Kile.

Since the incident, no brain activity had been observed from Kile. Therefore, doctors were prompted to declare him as brain dead. Actually, as early as Kile’s first week in the hospital, his family was suggested to decide whether or not to take off his life support system.

Probably, it is the toughest decision that a parent, particularly a mother like Tameka, could ever do. Meanwhile, Usher and the young boy during the latter’s lifetime maintained a close relationship with each other. In fact, Usher loved the boy too much and raised him like his own during his relationship with Tameka.

Now, Usher was said to be surrounding himself with loved-ones to help him ease the emotional pain brought by Kile’s death. Although they weren’t able to save Kile’s life, at least Usher and Kile’s real family wouldn’t have regrets since they did everything they thought that could save the young boy, especially Usher who even rented a private plane for Tameka when the news broke out just to bring her on her son’s side during those difficult times.

Such circumstances are the reason why brain injury law is very significant nowadays. People are becoming aggressive and a brain injury may be unavoidable not only in car accidents but also in jet ski accidents like this one.

A Los Angeles injury attorney reminds people that even a simple accident such as a simple head bump can make a major impact on one’s life, and worst, it can lead to a tragic accident like what happened with Usher’s stepson.