Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rider Performing Stunt Dies in Motorcycle Accident

A 39-year-old motorcycle rider was killed in a motorcycle accident after performing a dangerous trick for his family.

According to reports, the incident happened at around 2:15 in the afternoon in 1100 block of First Place, just southwest of Pioneer Parkway West and Centennial Boulevard intersection.

Authorities said that the man, identified as Jeremy Kenneth Gale, was performing a motorcycle stunt called “wheelie” in his 2006 Yamaha motorcycle for his family, which includes his 9-year old nephew, when he lost control of his bike and slammed into a pole.

Although Gale was wearing a helmet at the time of incident, he possibly suffered “blunt force” injuries upon hitting a utility pole that caused his death, according to Sgt. Richard Jones.

Wheelie is a common motorcycle stunt wherein the front wheel of the motorcycle comes off the ground due to extreme twisting force being applied to the rear wheel. Usually, the driver primarily uses his or her body weight and steering to control the direction and the inertia of the spinning front wheel acting as a balance.

Based on the initial investigation, speed is apparently a major factor in the accident. Sgt. Jones further said in a news report that the California man was going fast enough that he was not able to control his vehicle to avoid the utility pole. Furthermore, authorities found out that Gale came from the city of Norco in Los Angeles and was just visiting his relatives who live in First Place, near the accident scene.

Obviously, in such kind of accident, there is no one to be blamed for. Although it might be distressful that someone had to die in order to learn his lesson, a Los Angeles bike accident lawyer is somehow grateful that nobody from the rider’s family incurred injury from the incident. However, he is likewise bothered for the victim’s nephew, who at his early age witnessed how a tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of one of his family members.