Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another California Police Pursuit Ends in Motorcycle Crash

Just a couple of weeks after the California police pursuit that killed a pedestrian, another police chase that occurred in Santa Rosa, California last Friday night severely injured a motorcyclist.

According to reports, a man trying to avoid a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer broke his back and sustained other minor injuries following a motorcycle accident.

CHP officials claimed that the man who was identified as Alexander Ketcham, 43, was spotted over speeding in his motor vehicle along River Road just west of Santa Rosa at around 9:46 in the evening last Friday.

Upon seeing the motorist accelerating to speeds in over 90 mph, the officer pursued the motorcycle south into Fulton Road and then west of Guerneville Road for about 4 miles and up until south in Frie Road before finally heading onto state Highway 116 wherein the motorcycle failed to overtake another car and then sideswiped the same.

Ketcham apparently lost control of his motorcycle and struck into a raised embankment and road sign. He was then ejected from his motorcycle and came to a stop on the north shoulder of the highway.

Ketcham broke his back and sustained cuts on his hands and arms. He was immediately transported to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. However, it did not exclude him from being arrested on suspicion of reckless evasion and possession of false license plate on his motorcycle, according to CHP officials.

Admittedly, driving around in an open vehicle such as a motorcycle can be extremely fun and exciting. However, just like in any other extreme activities that pose a lot of safety risks, motorcycle accident can happen.

Perhaps, Ketcham became overwhelmed by his motorcycle’s ability to accelerate faster than one can ever imagine, that is why he was not able to help himself from pushing its speed to the limit, speculated by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.