Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Arizona Carjacking Chase Ends with Suicide

A high-speed carjacking pursuit in Arizona ended with suicide after the carjacker shot himself.  The apparent suicide was unintentionally aired live on Fox News.

Initial reports revealed that the unidentified man who was being pursued by the police was first reported to have stolen a red SUV and was later reported to have been involved in a car accident.

Subsequently, when the police started to pursue the said suspect, the man began to shoot at police cars and a Fox News chopper that covered the high-speed chase along I-10 outside nearly 75 miles from the California border, according to Phoenix Police spokesperson, Tommy Thompson.

Even still, the camera from the chopper captured events from the moment wherein the SUV was seen zooming along Arizona’s wide open highway, flashing past vehicles, weaving through traffic, switching lanes until it reached a grassy area and came to a stop.

Eventually, the man was seen stepping out of the SUV, took out his gun, and shot himself in the head. Unfortunately, the said incident was likewise broadcasted live by Fox News.

Consequently, its news anchor, on behalf of Fox News, asked for an apology for airing the shooting while admitting that it’s insensitive and wrong. Also, Fox News claimed that the mistake was the result of severe human error. Through its statement, Fox explained that although the feed was five-seconds delayed, its crews failed to timely cut the video feed.

According to police, the suspect died at the scene. Fortunately, no civilians or police got injured in the wild chase.

Apparently, high-speed police pursuit is getting wilder and becoming more fatal. Therefore, authorities should definitely implement a stricter protocol during wild-chase, according to a Los Angeles auto accident attorney.