Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Recent Hit-and-run Charges Dropped

News reports recently revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s hit-and-run charges resulting from a September incident was already dropped.

It can be remembered that Lohan was recently charged with hit-and-run following the incident that occurred in a luxury Manhattan Hotel last September 19;

It was said that as Lohan was parking her car at Dream Hotel in New York, she allegedly hit the knee of a man and subsequently proceeded to the hotel to attend a gathering as if nothing happened.

Consequently, although the man was not seriously injured, he was transported to a hospital after complaining of pain. Physicians said that the victim had torn tendons and was given with prescription medicine.

As a result of the incident, Lohan was booked for hit-and-run charges. However, she was later released without bail.

On the other hand, the 26-year-old actress denied that she had sideswiped someone. In fact, she claimed that she was not even aware that such incident occurred.

Fortunately for Lohan, police believed her statement since the latter think that the actress was sober during her arrest. Therefore, she was not even required to take a breathalyzer test.

In addition, if the incident so happened, it was indeed possible that the young actress did not feel the collision since it was too minor.

Furthermore, the video footage requested by Lohan’s party apparently played a key role in Lohan’s defense over her alleged hit-and-run act since it failed to reveal the identities of the pedestrians passing near the parking lot when she passed by.

Recent reports claimed that the prosecutors in Lohan’s hit-and-run case ruled that there was not enough evidence to support the victim’s claim. Therefore, the case against the actress was finally dropped.

However, the alleged victim can still pursue a civil case against Lohan if he deems it fit.

In the meantime, Lohan should not be too victorious since the case was not yet totally resolved, pending the accuser’s decision whether to push the case or not.

But at least, the actress should be somehow thankful that she got some giant leap to weaken the case due to lack of solid evidences, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles commented.