Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Costa Concordia Captain Files Wrongful Termination Claim

Photo gives credit to Web Pro News.
After the captain of the Italian cruise ship that capsized last January was charged in connection with the multiple deaths after abandoning his sinking ship, he is now suing for wrongful termination.

Apparently, Francesco Schettino recently filed a wrongful termination claim after he was charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship as it was sinking at Tuscany last January 13.

The said lawsuit was actually an appeal following Schettino’s job dismissal. According to his lawyer, the former captain is simply practicing his legal rights as a worker.

Schettino was blamed for the 32 deaths of passengers and crew of the cruise ship loaded with 4,000 passengers and crew members.

Previous reports claimed that the former captain brought the cruise ship too close to shore, which caused it to hit a coral reef, lean on one side, and sink. Subsequently, he abandoned the ship while passengers were still trying to flee from the sinking boat.

At present, Costa Cruises, the company that owns the capsized ship, remains focused on the process of removing the wrecked ship, which was expected to be totally cleaned up by January next year. Meanwhile, the company is currently looking for solutions to improve the time frame of the wreckage removal.

So far, reports claim that the company is yet to comment on Schettino’s lawsuit. 

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