Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Country Singer Sammy Kershaw Thankful for Surviving Tour Bus Accident

tour bus
American country music artist, Sammy Kershaw, was reportedly involved in a bus accident in Tennessee last week.

According to news reports, Kershaw was thankful for being alive following a bus accident that occurred last November 2 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kershaw was one of the passengers in a tour bus that was struck by another vehicle driven by an unidentified woman after he and his band performed in Nocoma, Texas.

As a result of the collision, the woman sustained injuries and hospitalized while Kershaw and nine other members of his band were left a bit shaken up and traumatized. Reports said that the injuries they sustained were not enough to warrant medical treatment.

On the other hand, the tour bus was left with severe damages while the woman’s car was said to be totaled.

The day after the incident, Kershaw took to his Facebook account to inform his fans that he is alright. Moreover, in his statements which were quoted below, he said:

“Thanking the good Lord up above. We were in a pretty bad bus accident last night in Nocona, Texas but everyone is okay including the lady that ran into the side of the bus. The lady’s car is a total loss and the bus is down for an undetermined amount of time, but those are the just things. We can replace those. Amen.”

"I understand she (the female driver) just had a broken ankle in a couple of places and her face bruised up from the air bag and it really could have been a bad situation," Kershaw adds. "I travel with a lot of guardian angels all my life…but cars and buses and all that other stuff is just things and things can be replaced."

Incidentally, the good news is that the country singer has not cancelled any concerts following the incident.

Kershaw has scored major hits in his career as a country singer. He has released ten studio albums, which earned three RIAA platinum certifications and two gold certifications. In fact, among his singles, more than 25 songs have entered Top 40 spots on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, including his number one hit song, ‘She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.’

Meanwhile, in his statement, a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney here said the female driver is still fortunate for only sustaining non-life threatening injuries considering that she collided with a larger vehicle. That is something to be really grateful for, especially for the music artist’s party, he added.