Friday, November 27, 2009

Car Manufacturers Deal with Car Defects

There are certain circumstances when the companies who manufactured the car had the mistake of releasing it to the public. It may cause injuries or deaths in a car accident. Product defect is a responsibility of the company who created the product.

They should have inspected it prior to releasing it to the public. It should not have pass through quality control inspection if there were defects because this says a lot about how the company manufacture their products.

Toyota Motor Corp. made a mistake lately of releasing their Lexus and other Toyota models. There were defects on the gas pedals that may result to abrupt acceleration because of the floor mat.

It may lead to a car accident like the Lexus ES 350 which crashed because of the gas pedal that was entrapped by the floor mat. These situations can be avoided if in the first place the quality of the car was well made. But then because they were apparently not inspected thoroughly, someone had to suffer the consequences.

Companies can be sued for damages arising from accidents caused by car defects. What the car manufacturer should do is replace the vehicle or repair all the damages. If they do not then they will face the victims inside a court room. This will ruin their reputation as a company.

In recent years, other car manufacturers had recalled a number of their vehicles. There should be stricter rules and regulations when companies create and release their products and services in the market to avoid encountering problems like this.