Thursday, November 26, 2009

Drop-Side Cribs Recalled, Fisher-Price Included

The Mattel-subsidized company, Fisher-price, manufactured cribs that are among the 1.2 million cribs to be recalled in relation with the reported deaths of at least four infants when they were suffocated. The defective design of the cribs are said to be responsible for the said deaths.

The said cribs are sold nationwide as well as in Canada. They are said to be manufactured from October of 1994 up to December 2004.

In cases of massive product recalls, product recall insurance or the manufacturer will be responsible in the shipping of the defective product as well as other expenses such as repairs, refunds, or its replacement.

Moreover, this should also cover compensatory damages and other expenses that the family of the victims will try to recover by filing personal injury cases. Families should hire a personal injury lawyer who will represent them and make sure that their expenses are well-compensated for.