Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maclaren Recalls Strollers after Finger Amputation Incidents

Maclaren has announced a product recall of more than 1 million strollers manufactured since 1999.

The product recall came after the Consumers Product Safety Commission received reports about 12 different cases wherein children’s fingertips were amputated after getting caught in the stroller’s hinge.

The affected models are:

• Volo
• Triumph
• Quest Sport
• Quest Mod
• Techno XT
• Techno XLR
• Twin Triumph
• Twin Techno
• Easy Traveller

Most of the strollers were sold on retail stores like Babies R Us and Target from 1999 until November 2009.

The prices range from $100-360.

Buyers are advised to stop using said strollers.

The family of the injured children should also consult a product liability lawyer to know their legal options in terms of going after the stroller manufacturer.

Under the product liability law, even if the manufacturer did not commit any acts of negligence, if their product has a safety defect that caused injury then they can still be held liable.

For those who are using the said strollers, heed the warning and stop using the strollers.

Do not think that it won’t happen to you because most victims felt the same way before the accident.

If you are using any of the said strollers or if you need more information about the product recall, you can contact Maclaren USA on their USA toll-free numbers 877-688-2326 between 8am to 5pm ET, Monday through Friday.