Friday, November 13, 2009

Deadly Defects in Motor Vehicle Accidents

In North Country, two people were killed in a crash when their SUV rolled over as they drove off Interstate 15 near the Deer Springs Road exit.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the SUV went down an embankment when it got off the freeway. A person survived the crash but the survivor’s condition remains unknown. The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle when one of the SUV’s tires had a blow out causing it to overturn.

Similarly, in Pacifica, an 18-wheeler truck wrecked havoc when it lost its breaks. Although the runaway truck struck down trees, crushed a car and crashed into an occupied home, there was no one injured by the accident.

An important aspect of motor vehicle safety is the proper maintenance of cars and their equipment.

Tire and break failures are the two most common and often deadly, motor vehicle defects.

While tires can be worn out due to overuse, tire tread failure is a common tire defect. Break failure can also occur due to poor maintenance and defective or failure-prone components.

In order to ensure your vehicle’s safety standards, it is always important to get it checked all the time. Having a tire blow out in the middle of a free way is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to you so proper care and vigilance over your own car should be practiced.

But if ,despite the exercise of due diligence in the maintenance of your car, you still get into an accident, the car or equipments manufacturer can be held liable under Product Liability Laws for the injuries you sustain from the accident caused by manufacturing or design defects.