Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Real Cause of Tiger Woods’ Car Accident

The car accident that Tiger Woods was recently involved in has attracted a lot of attention. He was fined $164 and had four points against his driver’s license. He collided into a fire hydrant and a three last week. He suffered minor injuries on his face.

Apparently this news has unearthed more dirt on the real reason why he got into a car accident in the first place. One publication reported that he was having an affair that was why his wife was after him with a golf club.

He was not drunk and reportedly did not seem to be involved in a fight with anyone. His injuries were said to be consistent with the accident he got into.

In most car accident cases, the usual reason is the driver’s negligence. He may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sleepy or tired, over speeding or using his cell phone. These actions can result to a collision. A driver should be alert and focus when he is behind the wheels because it is not safe to be distracted. It may result to a car accident.

If Woods’ real cause for the car accident is one of the actions listed above then it should not be tolerated and done by other drivers.