Friday, December 11, 2009

Dead Driver in Bus Crash Suffered Cardiac Arrest

Fifty seven-year-old Lynne Marie Monson who was driving a City of Gardena municipal bus was said to have died of cardiac arrest in a bus accident wherein she hit a fire hydrant and a couple of power poles before crossing the median and stopping in front of a house.

The four passengers onboard were not harmed but some streets had to be shut down because of the accident.

Monson’s supervisor told authorities that she recently went through a physical exam which shows no medical problem.

Accidents caused by heart attacks and other medical emergencies which stops a person from focusing on the road is very unfortunate. So, if a motorist begins feeling dizzy or uncomfortable, he must park the vehicle on the shoulder lane to avoid troubling other motorists on the road.

This type of fatal collision is unpredictable as a motorist may be fine for one moment and be fighting hard to breathe the next.