Monday, December 21, 2009

Teen Who Killed Sonoma Family in Fatal Car Crash was not Drunk

Authorities were surprised to find that Steven Culbertson, the 19-year-old teen who plowed into a minivan killing a Sonoma family of four, was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

CHP officers could not believe it until they saw the negative results because of the way Culbertson was driving.

The CHP also said that they did not find any evidence that Culbertson has been at a bar before the car accident.

However, not because his DUI test turned out negative does it mean that he is not liable for the death of four members of a family.

Well, he may not be drunk at the time, but it proves that he is completely reckless.

In some ways, this is actually worse.

It means that Culbertson was consciously driving his car at 70-90mph and he also consciously ran the red light that resulted in his car crashing into the family’s minivan last November 28.

Cubertson has died in a hospital later after the crash so he has paid the ultimate price for his reckless and negligent actions.

However, even in death, the family of the victims can still hold him liable to the law.

Or at least civilly liable.

They can still file a wrongful death suit against Cubertson and if they win, they can collect from his car accident insurance policy.

Although no amount of money can replace lost family, they do deserve the damages to be awarded to them by the courts.

They can also take it as recognition from the courts that they have been wronged by Cubertson and he is liable by law for his actions.