Thursday, December 3, 2009

Metrolink Engineer Investigated in Nov. 24 Incident

Metrolink has yet to overcome last year’s deadly head-on Chatsworth collision when another incident raised another concern.

In the last November 24 incident, a commuter train engineer ran a red signal as another passenger train approached on a section track.

Upon investigation, California Public Utilities Commission revealed that the engineer declared an “emergency after passing the signal and stopped before going through a switch and onto a section of the train being used by an oncoming Metrolink train.”

Investigators were planning to review video camera to determine any violation of safety rules.

Following the incident, the engineer and conductor were both placed under administrative leave pending investigation.

Train accidents often result in disastrous outcome including deaths and property damages. Just like other accident, train collisions are avoidable if safety rules are only observed.

If a train crash occurs due to negligent operation, a train accident lawyer can help pursue a personal injury case against the party at fault.