Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lev Foundation Gives Away Taxi Ride Vouchers to Prevent DUI Car Accidents

In an innovative approach to curb DUI car accidents this holiday season, a non-profit organization is offering cab vouchers for people to take a taxi instead of driving if they had a little drink.

Lev Foundation, an organization formed by friends and families in the memory of Daniel Levian, is giving away $10 taxi vouchers through December on its Web site.

Daniel Levian was killed in a car accident while riding a car driven by a drunk driver last year. He was just 25 at the time.

It’s a very simple gesture that can come a long way.

Drunk driving is the leading cause of car accidents in the US and every December, a spike in those numbers is always seen.

Blame it on the spirit of celebration, but a lot of Americans choose to get behind the wheel after “celebrating.”

The problem is they do not only put themselves in danger, but those around them as well.

The members of Lev Foundation just have to think of Daniel Levian to remind them of that bitter truth.

For the members of the foundation, if it could at least prevent one person from drinking and driving, then it has already accomplished its goal.

Hopefully even if we do not get free taxi vouchers, we would still avoid drinking and driving.

We just need to look at the foundation and realize that we do not want to cause that kind of harm to other people.

Not to mention the hassle that comes with it.

Aside from putting yours and other peoples’ lives in danger, you also put yourself liable for civil and criminal charges.

Just recently, a DUI driver was sentenced to 20 to life in prison for 2nd degree murder after he caused a car accident that killed one woman in San Diego.

He cried and apologized to the family of his victim calling it an accident and not murder.

However, you always have a choice.

And he chose to drive after getting drunk and he paid for the consequences of his actions.

Nobody wants to end up like him.

So take advantage of this $10 Taxi ride program, you do not know it, but it just might save you and other peoples’ lives.