Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Rig causes Massive Injuries

The number of accidents involving big rigs colliding with another vehicle or hitting an object on the road have increased recently. In La Mesa, a big rig hit a wall when he was travelling from I-8 connector to SR-125. There were no injuries reported from the accident. The truck had 50-foot steel pipe when it hit a barrier and rolled over. As a result, the pipe it was carrying was dislodged and hit a taxi below.

Accidents like this can be avoided if drivers are careful when they are driving. A big rig can cause so much damage especially if it hits smaller vehicles or even worse, pedestrians. The drive should not drive if he is tired or sleepy.

He should not drive when he is distracted like using his cell phone to text messages or talk to someone. Drivers should not over speed, drive when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Victims of big rig accidents may file a claim to reimburse all damages from what happened. They should hire a lawyer specializing in this type of case. He should be familiar with the case to handle it well. The lawyer’s fee can be negotiated before the court trial. The claim can reimburse the medical fees, the doctors’ fees, property damages, pain and suffering.