Monday, October 12, 2009

Student Walking to School Injured by SUV

For most drivers, school zones are considered risky and accident-prone areas because of the presence of students and pedestrians. As expected, drivers should slow down or yield to pedestrians when approaching public places such as schools, hospitals and malls.

On the other hand, students should also be careful while they are walking. They should not endanger themselves by being in an area used by drivers.

A 12-year-old female student who was walking with her friend to school was struck by an SUV when she moved onto the street to avoid being wet from a sprinkler nearby.
According to the mother of the girl’s companion, Kathi Niehaus, both girls when on their way to Ladera Vista Junior High School at Wilshire and Annin avenues in Fullerton when one of them moved onto the street.

Afterwards, she was struck by a white Infiniti SUV.

The girl was not severely injured but was noticed having a splinted ankle. She was then brought to a hospital.

Although the girl made a mistake when she suddenly stepped onto the street, the SUV accident still might not have happened if the driver was more cautious.

Parents should constantly remind their children the importance of walking along a safe area. By doing his, children will learn how to take care of themselves even if they are unsupervised.