Thursday, October 29, 2009

School Modernization Caused Student to Suffer Crushed Finger

Children often consider schools as their second homes because they spend much of their time there, as well as being the place wherein they are molded to become better and wiser people. Due to the trust that was given by both children and parents to school authorities, the latter are required to make sure that they maintain a learning environment that is free from dangerous hazards.

A former Huntington Beach High School student did not receive this kind of protection and she was hurt in an accident caused by negligence. An amount of $37,000 was given as a settlement after a lawsuit was filed against the school district when a campus door crushed her left index finger.

Angeles Contractor gave a check to Alexina Karsh, 19, to settle a case that lasted for over one year.

The lawsuit that was filed against the school in June 2008 claimed that an open door in the campus was not properly secured and the wind caused it to shut on the victim’s finger. Her mother said that although the finger was not broken, it bled profusely and needed to be stitched.

Officials said that the door was included in the campus remodeling.

Furthermore, the district denied such allegations stating that the girl committed negligence or she was unable to properly use the doors, as stated in the court documents.

Educational institutions are required to provide students proper security against preventable harm. School officials should also make sure that all school facilities are safe to use by students. They can achieve their goal of building a safe learning environment by hiring competent people who will work on school properties.