Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rollover Accident triggers SigAlert

It has become common knowledge that SUV vehicles are more prone to rollovers compared to other vehicles in the occurrence of accidents. The vehicle’s design can make it susceptible to rollovers.

In fact, a black Lexus RX 330 SUV overturned due to an accident that recently happened on I-405 freeway at Beach Boulevard. Four lanes along the southbound area were blocked due to the incident.

SigAlert was issued when the accident happened but it was canceled later on.
Authorities said a Ford Expedition and Honda Odyssey van were also involved in the incident.

The person driving the Honda was brought to Fountain Valley hospital after he was cut out of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the driver of the Lexus was brought to Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Although no one died in the accident, the seriousness of the issue concerning SUVs and rollovers should not be ignored. Injuries may be sustained or lives may be taken next time this vehicle overturns.

Car manufacturers may be held liable for injuries sustained in rollover accidents caused by manufacturing or design defects. To determine liability in accidents caused by defective vehicles or vehicle parts, a victim must consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.