Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mother Injured, Baby Narrowly Missed when Car Slams into Residential House

Negligent drivers are liable for the injuries and property damages that resulted from their actions. Other road users are not the only ones susceptible to such harm. Even people who are in their houses may suddenly suffer when a car accident happens.

This scenario may be clearly seen in an accident involving a car that crashed, overturned, and slid into a private house in Simi Valley.

The incident occurred in the 3300 block of Royal Avenue. A woman and her nine-week-old baby were in the living room when the vehicle suddenly entered the house, narrowly missing the baby.

Both were brought to Simi Valley Hospital for medical assessment. The mother suffered from a broken leg while the baby was reportedly taken back home by the father.

Authorities said neither alcohol nor drugs was a factor in the accident.

Although the driver will surely receive punishment for the harm his or her actions caused, the penalty will not be too grave because no one luckily died in the incident. This may teach other drivers the importance of driving cautiously especially when they are traveling along residential or school areas.