Friday, October 2, 2009

Guilty Plea for Drunk Driving

Roger Avary may have written great screenplays but certainly what happened in a Ventura County courthouse was not among his masterpiece.

Avary who previously pleaded not guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges changed his plea to guilty on all counts. Consequently, he received five year probation in addition to 365 days in jail.

The sentence was brought about by Avary’s crashing his Mercedes Sedan into a telephone pole while intoxicated. The collision killed passenger Andreas Zini and injured his wife Gretchen.

Zini’s parents and widow attended the sentencing. The court was informed that Avary had already settled the civil aspect of the case for $4.1 million.

Alcohol impaired drivers could be attributed to almost 14,000 deaths annually or 32 percent of all traffic-related deaths United States.

Authorities already implemented measures to reduce alcohol-related accidents. These measures include:

• Enforcement of 0.08% BAC laws, drinking age laws and zero tolerance for drivers below 21 years old
• Revocation of driver’s license
• Putting up sobriety checkpoints
• Mandatory substance assessment and treatment for DUI drivers
• Implementing multi-faceted community-based approaches

The above measures would be futile if they are not aggressively implemented and observed.

For victims of car accidents, a personal injury lawyer may be employed to pursue compensation claims against the negligent driver.