Friday, October 2, 2009

Panicky Diver Drowns

Water recreational activities like diving is fun but it can also be deadly considering the risks involved when the person’s body is underwater.

Equipments like tank and weight belt are used to protect divers. However, improper use of these equipment could result in injuries or death.

A situation wherein diving equipment contributed to a man’s death may be seen in the case of Daniel Forchione, a University of Arizona Police Department officer who drowned because he panicked on the water’s surface.

The diver was on vacation with his family along Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. when the drowning accident occurred.

Rich Silanpa, president of Dive Connections in Mission Bay told investigators that Forchione and his two diving companions were on their way back to their chartered boat after doing their second dive when he became separated from them,

According to Silanpa,Forchione removed his tank while he was still wearing his weight belt. The diver may have panicked because of it.

People should always remember that panicking will only make the situation worse. Being calm and thinking rationally may save people when they are in a dangerous situation.