Thursday, November 10, 2011

Younger Children are more Prone to Burn Injury than Older Ones

In recent studies, the large majority of children who were taken to hospitals with injuries are below 5 years old and most of them are burn injury.

According to researches, the most common type of injury in pediatrics and emergency departments worldwide is burn injuries and other heat – related cases. One out of ten injuries around the world are as a result from burns and other related injuries.

In further studies, all burn admissions involving minor children were investigated for over a year, and during that period, 300 burn injuries has been recorded. It was found out on the same study that boys are most likely to suffer from such type of injuries than girls. It was also found out that out of 10, 8 children at the age of 5 mostly affected by burn injuries. The average age of burn injury victims is 3 ½ years old.

During the 1 - year study period, the most rate of hospital attendance for burn injuries was during the first six months as compared to the second six months. June has the most numbers of injury cases recorded.

According also to the conducted research, the most common cause of burn injuries to children are hot liquids particularly like hot water coffee, tea and boiling water from kettle or pots. Next is hot solid like hobs, stoves and other cooking devices and lastly is from radiations such as sunburns and etc.

The most numbers of burn injury accidents occurs during early afternoon and at the evening time when children are less under supervised by guardians.

Upper limbs like hands, wrists and arms, and the upper trunk such as chest and face are the most parts of the children’s body that are most possibly to be affected.

Generally, younger children are more likely to suffer burn injuries at home while older children are more likely to obtain such injuries outside home.

It was also noted on the research that children from poorer environment and more defenseless children like those with disability were more exposed to burn injuries.

Parents should be well informed about these factors to avoid not only burn injury but as well as other personal injury cases from rapidly increasing in numbers.

Whatever it is, whether younger or older children, parents should be more diligent in taking care of their children. Preventive measure should be taken to avoid children from being seriously injured since children can hardly endure too much pain in their young body.