Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mobile Phone Use While Red Light is On Prohibited to Lessen Risk of Car Accidents

More often, while on the road, drivers never miss their chance to talk on their mobile phones during red lights. Of course it’s their best opportunity to sneak in a brief phone call to send their important messages while vehicles are not in motion and until red light is off since there is no such rule stating that it is unlawful then, but now before making or accepting any phone calls during red light, think twice first.

Early this week, state appeals court resolved that during red light, a driver is still prohibited from using a handled mobile phone.

However, despite of this new policy, the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco caught motorist dialing a phone and handling it to his ears during red light. The driver and the police officer who caught him argued as the man claims that the 2007 law that requires a driver to use a hands – free cellphone device while driving only applies when a car is in motion.

The 2007 law allows drivers to make and accept mobile phone calls using a hands – free cellphone device while driving and only when the car is in motion. Apart from that nothing more was specified. Mobile phone usage during red light or while the vehicle is not in motion is not clearly stated on the law.

Supposedly the man has a point there but not after the new applied law has been approved. Under the new federal state law, a use of hand – free cellphone device now also applies even when the car is not in motion.

Justice James Lambden had given out his point of view that if drivers were allowed to make or accept mobile phone calls during brief pauses like in stop – and – go traffic, red lights, stop signs and other causes of impediments, public safety could be endangered. The resolution only reflects common sense according to Deputy Atty. Gen. Eric Share.

It was just a little modification on the first law, therefore following the new law will do no harm to motorist. But instead, will lessen the risk of car accidents and other vehicle accident related injuries.