Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Liberty University Freshman Student Died in a Train Accident

A freshman student from the Liberty University just died from a train accident in Amherst County, Massachusetts.

The 18 – year old Hannah Williams died after she was struck by a train near Lynchburg, Virginia, where she attended Liberty University to pursue a career in government and journalism.

According to reports, last November 17 at around 10:45 in the evening, Hannah Williams and her three other friends were stargazing on the train trestle along River Road in Madison Heights, Virginia when a train bounded north struck them.

Williams was struck by the train and died while the two others were able to jump to a nearby piling and the other one hung down below the rail track through his arms.

The four survivors were brought Lynchburg General Hospital where they were treated for the personal injuries. One of them was seriously injured from falling through the trestle and is currently in critical condition.

In behalf of the school, the Liberty University President, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., expressed his condolences to Williams’s family and to their four injured students. According to the school president, Hannah Williams was a great student. She is a great loss not only to her family but also to the school institution.

Williams’ mother is now in deep sorrow. It was a very quick tragedy. In a glimpse, all her daughter’s plans for a bright future not only fell into pieces but totally ended. She never even imagined before that she would loss her precious daughter in a very tragic way – in a train accident.