Monday, December 12, 2011

Overnight Fire in Brownsville Left Man with Serious Burn Injury

As of present, the main cause of an overnight fire in Brownsville is still undetermined.
According to witnesses, there was a blaze before the fire spread. A neighbor came to help and called the firefighters.

Firemen said that the man sustained third degree burns to half of his body and is now being treated at San Antonio burn center, while the man’s wife escaped the fire without having any serious personal injury. Aside from them, several cats and dogs living in the house were trapped in the fire also.

The firefighters are still conducting an investigation about the main cause of the blaze. The home had no running water and electricity since the family who owned the house uses generators for powering the house. Therefore the firemen found it difficult to figure out the source of fire.

About three quarters of patients with serious burn injury die because of severe infection. The most common complication for a burn injury is the bacterial infection. Therefore, a necessary transfer from the emergency physician to a special department for reconstructive surgery should be conducted by the authorities to prevent infection.

Apart from the first aid treatment, patients should be provided with proper wound care, therapies and other necessary psychiatric treatment in a special follow up ward.

Though the man was able to survive the fire blaze, it’s still uncertain if he would be able to survive from the serious burn injuries he sustained. Wounds might be simple but the bacteria causing the infections may cause death. He should be extra careful. Following the proper authorities’ campaign against infection is a must.