Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Killed in an Aviation Accident in Texas

Though airplanes are considered safer to ride than any other land vehicles, traveling in a bad weather condition may put the passengers’ lives at risk and may even lead to their death. Just take this incident as an example.

A family riding in a small plane from Jackson, Mississippi bounded to Waco Texas crashed killing its five members.

According to CBS News, the six – seater piper plane crashed in Brazos County and killed five family members including two minors last Monday at around 10’oclock in the evening.

The weather forecast during that time said that parts of northwest Texas have suffered from heavy snow, indicated overcast skies and that the storm may have been moving through the area.

Authorities say it’s not clear if bad weather condition is a factor in this aviation accident.

Reports said that the pilot contacted the Forth Worth tower and was instructed on how to avoid the rough weather. However, the plane flew in the opposite direction instead.

Two males, one female and two minors were killed in the said plane crash. It was confirmed by the authorities who conducted the investigation that that casualties were all family members.

Aviation accidents happen less often than accidents that occur on land. However, the surprising fact here is that number of fatalities in aviation accidents is greater since there is always a possibility that all the plane’s passengers will be at risk during an accident.

The most common causes of aviation accidents are mechanical malfunction, pilot errors or negligence and of course, bad weather condition.