Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Securing Evidence in a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries and even death. There are actually four kinds of slip and fall accidents:

• Trip and fall accidents – it is when foreign object caused the accident.
• Stump and fall accidents – it is when an impediment caused the accident.
• Step and fall accidents – it is when an unexpected failure or hole in the ground caused the accident
• Slip and fall accidents – it is when the connection of the shoe and the floor fails.

Under Tort Law, Slip and fall is a claim based upon one’s slipping and falling. It is a damage and founded on a demand on the property owner’s negligence, letting some risky conditions to exist on the premises that can cause slip or trip.

A victim of slip and fall accident should provide evidence which led to the accident. Apparently, to an injured person, the first thing that comes into our mind is their condition of health and of course the last thing is to preserve the proof.

However, there is nothing more valuable than a photo taken right at the very moment of the slip and fall accident. Photographs of a slip and fall accident are very crucial pieces of evidence that will bolster your claim.. A person without having any photos to show during trial could lead to a further argument against them. Your slip and fall lawyer can absolutely agree on that

Even if you think that taking photos of one of your unforgettable or should I say embarrassing moment may bring shame or humiliation to your personality, well, in such situation, forget about shame, think of your self as well as your health condition. By all means, have someone to take pictures on your while you were prostrated in pain and embarrassment.

In any case for personal injuries, accident scene taken photographs may be the best evidence you bring in any court or tribunals.