Wednesday, September 21, 2011

18-year-old Lady Killed after Rollover Crash in H-241

Driving at high speed on the highway that has 60 to 70mph limit can be dangerous.

Since December 2010, authorities have raised the speed limit on 241 toll road from 60 mph to 70 mph. However, this does not mean that motorists can speed ahead up to the limit. The California law still mandates drivers to lower the speed level when road condition becomes hazardous. This includes reducing the speed during adverse weather condition, congested traffic, or when the driver is impaired.

A common example of required lowering of speed level is when the driver is suffering from fatigue and is driving at night. The hazard is high as the motorist may not notice road objects clearly or fail to pay attention on road signals. When the driver proceeds at high speed during the known danger, he or she can be held liable when the crash occurs.

Take the example of a teenager who died after the truck she was riding on veered off the lane and overturned on 241 toll road on Sunday at 1:00 a.m.

Taylor Sams, 18 years old, was a passenger of the truck when the driver lost control of the wheels. The pick up swerved, hit a soft soil, and rolled over on south of Portola Parkway, according to reports.

Reports said Sams was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Rescuers arrived and rushed the driver to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

According to police's initial investigation, the driver had left Los Angeles road for an hour upon reaching the 241 toll road. The motorist apparently was suffering from fatigue when the crash occurred.

Authorities commented that drugs or alcohol may not be a factor in the accident.

The driver could have pulled over and rested for several minutes in the emergency lane. Doing so might have prevented the accident. At most, the driver could have easily reduced speed as driving at night along 241 toll road can be hazardous.

Driving while suffering from fatigue can be considered a negligent act when the motorist knew of the hazard, but proceeded with the action. When the driver fails to justify his or her errant behavior, the court may impose stringent penalties.

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