Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tenor Salvatore Licitra Died of Head Injuries after Scooter Crash

The supposedly next Luciano Pavarotti of the Opera has met his last hour in a motor scooter crash.

Such loss to tenor tradition, Salvatore Licitra has become one of the respected opera singers of his time.

According to reports, Licitra was riding his scooter in Ragusa, Sicily when it swerved and crashed into a wall on August 27. He sustained critical head and chest injuries and was transported to Garibaldi Hospital in Catania. He died of his injuries on Monday after struggling with surgery and coma.

Licitra has been known for his excellent performance at the Metropolitan Opera in Tosca, replacing Luciano Pavarotti two hours before the show. He received remarkable comments from critics for his performances at Munich's Bayerische Staatsoper, Vienna State Opera, and San Francisco and Los Angeles Opera.

He should have been the next opera icon had the accident did not occur. His loved ones and colleagues mourned his death as well as the loss of genuine artist.

No one has thought that a scooter accident will end the career of a rising tenor star. Such collision made an impression of how lethal motorcycle riding can really be. It is unclear as how other factors have contributed to the accident. Police officers may have to investigate road obstruction or the involvement of speeding motorists at the scene as cause of the fatal crash.

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