Friday, August 1, 2008

A Nasty End to a Simple Violation

Car crash is not a novel story to witness or hear about. It is a constant news flash on television and radio.

Car crash happens because of several factors such as driver’s distraction, fatigue, weather condition, speeding, mechanical defects, etc.

However, in the news posted on July 29, 2008, an accident happened due to a police chase leading to a crash.

According to the reports, the chase began after a simple traffic violation in Ventura County. A pursuit transpired leading the police officers to the Interstate 405. During the course of the hot pursuit, the suspect’s car collided with another vehicle but did not bother to stop until the police officers were led to a drug store where he was apprehended.

What started to be a simple misdemeanor ended in a complicated felony. Should the driver had stopped, the arrest ended there.

The report failed to state what traffic violation did the driver made but to my mind, the apprehended driver was not just into a simple violation. He could have done something graver to have the same reaction as he did.

Well, I can only speculate. But human experience tells us that such reaction could have been triggered by a graver felony. A simple violation could have not ignited to such pursuit then to a crash. Maybe the driver was seen to have other violations like drug use or use of a carnapped vehicle.