Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drowning accident in Huron California: A Clear Case of Negligence

A recent drowning accident claimed the life of a 10-year old girl while swimming in a pool in Huron, California. Report says that incoming sixth grader Janet Ramirez was with group of children from the Keenan Recreation Center who went for a swim.

The child’s parents say she didn’t know how to swim but they permitted her to go anyway because they found out that Janet is going under the care of one of the center’s staff. The child and her group went to the Chestnut Park Pool.

The pool is manned by four lifeguards in duty.

What is absurd is that the accident occurred without someone knowing how it exactly happened. Some says another child threw the child in the water. If this were true, the lifeguards on duty would have known from the commotion that a child is drowning.

But the lifeguards were unaware of the drowning accident until children began pointing at the bottom of the pool. It was only then when they saw the child lying submerged in the water that they realized somebody was drowned.

In accidents such as this, we may point the blame to the child’s parents for letting the child into a swimming spree without them. But that would only add absurdity to this already absurd incident.

It should be noted that the parents allowed Janet only because they were in a belief that their child is accompanied by responsible adults.

It is clear in this case that the pool management, through their life guards, four at that, failed to exercise prudence to insure the safety of their guests/customers.

One can only surmise how in the world a ten-year old girl drowns under the nose of four lifeguards – if they haven’t been negligent.

Negligence is a sin under the law, especially if it results to a drowning accident such as this.