Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finding Responsible Parties in a Bus Accident

Victims of bus accidents may find it difficult to pursue their claims on their own. Accident laws are often complicated and pursuing claims would require the skills and experience of someone who is familiar with it, more preferably lawyers.

Because accidents of this nature often involve several people – mostly injured passengers and other motorists - obtaining a claim from the responsible parties is more complicated than usual.

According to the article, “Bus Accidents Complicate Your Life”, posted on July 27, 2008, bus accidents may happen due to several factors such as driver’s negligence, road and weather conditions, among others. Finding fault in a bus accident is another thing.

Parties responsible for one’s injuries in a bus accident may include the following:

• Bus Maintenance Companies - for negligent maintenance that causes a bus crash or accident

• State or Local Governments - the cause of the accident was negligence of the driver or of a city worker performing his employment duties.

• Government entities may also be responsible for dangerous road conditions that cause the bus to crash.

• School Districts and School Boards - The school board may be liable to any children involved in a school bus accident or crash that could have been prevented through the creation and enforcement of reasonable safety guidelines.

• Affiliated Cruise Lines and Tour Operators - Owners and drivers of these buses can be held liable for bus driver negligence in a bus accident. When a bus trip is part of a package offered by a tour service, the service itself may be liable for damages to passengers when a bus crash occurs in an affiliated tour bus.

• Bus Driver

• The Bus Company - The bus company's actions in hiring unqualified drivers, maintenance people and other personnel, or in negligently training or supervising them may also contribute to the cause of a bus accident.

• Drivers of Other Vehicles and their employers - Owners and drivers of other cars, trucks and other vehicles may be held responsible for bus accident injuries caused by negligent or reckless driving. A driver's employer may also be held liable for a bus accident if the driver was operating the bus while performing work duties.

• Manufacturers of the Bus and/or its Parts - A bus manufacturer can be held responsible for defective bus parts that may have caused the bus accident could be liable for the injuries to the bus passengers.

After you have been injured in a bus accident, finding an attorney who will help you find all potential responsible parties is crucial.