Friday, July 25, 2008

What went wrong in a bus accident?

Accidents are inevitable more on the road. Regardless of vehicle size, strict rule implementation or sufficient road signs accidents are bound to happen.

This is manifested by the accident involving a bus on Highway 101 near Asti, California in Sonoma County that injured nine students.

This incident had been the subject of a blog, “Nine Injured in Sonoma County Bus Accident”.

According to the reports, the bus accident was due to the bus swerving off the road. The investigators discounted the fact of intoxication or drug use.

The bus driver has undergone extensive training in driving such that he was required to complete at least 20 hours of classroom and driving lessons. A background check was also made before he was given a school bus driver’s license, renewable for 5 years. Moreover, a refresher course has to be taken every 10 years.

With these bits of information, the author of said blog considered the fact that the accident might have been due to fatigue.

Well, I cannot help but agree. If the condition of the bus was I in an A-1 condition and the driver is skilled, then what could be the reason?

The reason must be so grave that would make an experience and skilled driver to fumble.

Fatigue or stress can really affect a person’s disposition. There are things that while the body is willing, the mind could not do.