Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Bus Safety

Our children’s safety and welfare are our primary consideration. One way of showing it is by hiring a school bus.

School buses bring our children from home to school and vice versa without any fuss. That is what we think.

But don’t you know that children are not always safe in school buses? Just we thought that there are accident happens.

Case in point is a Wisconsin school bus where nine students were seriously injured. None was reported to have died. Sources said that the bus ditch off a dirt road and tilted on its side.

School bus accidents are becoming rampant. It is more dangerous as it involves children who cannot take care of themselves and who are oblivious to dangers.

School administrators must make extra steps to ensure that their bus drivers have undergone extensive training. I suggest hiring school bus drivers who have clean records and no incidents of any negligent driving.

I also recommend letting these drivers undergo seminars on road management and safety.

The bus itself must also be equipped with seatbelts to prevent the students from standing or moving around while it is in motion.

It could spell addition expenses but at least the safety of our children is assured. No amount of money can compensate our peace of mind regarding their safety.