Monday, October 20, 2008

Recovery for Injuries from Rollover Accidents

Among different types and classes of motor vehicles, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are particularly prone to rollover crashes. This may be attributed to the vehicle’s high center of gravity, a design that makes maneuvering difficult and increases its vulnerability to rollover accidents.

Because of this, establishing fault in a rollover accident is often difficult and tedious. Unlike in common vehicle accidents where fault may be due to another person’s negligence, liability in a rollover crash may be caused by other factors such manufacturing or design defects.

The rising incidence in rollover crashes, as mentioned in the article “An SUV Rollover Accident is a Traumatic Accident that Numerous Individuals are Faced With”, posted on October 14, 2008, has become a growing concern for both the government agencies and the motorists.

The article discussed possible serious injuries that a victim may suffer in a rollover accident. These include either traumatic injuries, such as head and brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. In addition to this, the victim has to undergo pain and suffering caused by his injuries.

Serious and traumatic injuries from vehicle accidents such as rollover crashes can be pursued with the help of an attorney. To increase one’s chances of success in obtaining full recovery from such injuries, a victim must consult with someone who has the skills and experience in similar cases.