Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accident – A Far Reaching Effect of the Worsening Economy

Some say that the US continuing economic downtrend produced one unlikely result – accident. Hard to believe but not far fetch.

At the second quarter of this year, fuel prices skyrocketed. Because of this, people seek ways to lessen transportation expenses by saving on gas spending. Some resorts to bicycle and motorcycle rides. The consequence: rise in bicycle and motorcycle accidents.

According to study, older drivers are more likely to figure in an accident because of reflexes impairment, not to mention that 40 year old people may no longer have the same alertness as their young counterpart, which is essential in driving motorcycles.

But that do not hold true anymore. On one morning of last week, a 24-year old motorcyclist died on Sabre Springs Parkway. Witnesses said that the young man was traveling at high speed when he lost control, rode up to the center median and bumped on a tree. Police report said that the “impact disintegrates the motorcycle and the motorcyclist was thrown onto the pavement.”

A couple of years back, around 3,000 deaths were reported to have been caused by motorcycle accidents alone in the United States. More frequently, this accident tends to be a little more serious than other vehicular accidents.

Because of the vehicle’s make-up, i. e. open and with only two wheels to support it, the driver will most probably suffer more injuries than his counterpart on a car, truck, or buses.

Studies show that one of the things, which caused motorcycle accidents, is poor maintenance of the vehicle. Another is bad roads and weather conditions. Also, motorcycle accident may occur due to the conduct of the other driver in cars, for instance, as they tend to undermine motorcycles or altogether neglect them in roads.

In the State of California, the number of motorcycle licenses has reportedly increased – from 908,000 in 2002, the figure reached a staggering more than a million this year.

As they say, everything has a price. Due to increasing use of motorcycles and bicycles, the accidents in the streets involving them has exponentially increased as well.