Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LAPD Reminds Motorcycle Drivers and Bicyclist to Promote Road Safety Reminders

As the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month approaches, the Los Angeles Police Department joined forces with other non-profit organization to spread out the message clearly to both motorcycle drivers and bikers.

Due to the alarming number of injuries and fatalities that occurred in the State of California, the authorities eye this month of May, being the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, as the best time to promote road safety to motorists.

The goal of this campaign is to lessen the number of motorcycle accidents in the State. In figures gathered in 2010, about 11,000 people were injured and some 361 died from motorcycle and bike accidents.

Authorities said that one of the most important safety tips for motorists is to check the braking capability of their motorcycles or bikes.

Take a look at these few basic tips that can be helpful in preventing accidents:

•    Make sure that you are well-trained before driving a motorcycle or even a bicycle, especially in crowded and vehicle congested areas.

•    Make sure that you have already obtained a driver’s license before going off the road.

•    Always wear proper safety gear for protection.

•    Be attentive and smart cautious while driving.

•    Religiously abide with the traffic rules and regulations imposed by traffic enforcers.

Although there is no way to avoid such motorcycle accidents since they  really happen like natural occurrences, it is still best to follow some preventive measures to somehow lessen the rapidly increasing number of injuries and fatalities statewide. Even a Los Angeles injury attorney agrees to that.