Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Car Rams through Celebrity Luxury Car Shop in LA, Driver Flees

A driver who crashed his car and damaged several high-end vehicles in a luxury car shop in Los Angeles on May 16 fled from the scene and left a dying woman in the alley.

According to authorities, the accident happened at around 3:30 in the morning, Wednesday in 1800 block of South La Cienega Boulevard. Initial investigation revealed that a Lincoln Town Car reportedly being used as a fancy taxi crashed into the glass doors of the Specialty Car Craft building, damaging several luxury vehicles that are owned by celebrities.

The crash resulted in a broken window frame crashing down onto a yellow Ferrari allegedly owned by Kobe Bryant since it was identical to Kobe’s yellow Ferrari. People’s speculations became firm upon seeing a Los Angeles Lakers sticker on the back of its windshield and another sticker that reads as “Baller24”, the number apparently corresponds to the said basketball player’s NBA jersey number.

Several damaged luxury vehicles included a Lamborghini and a very rare TVR Tuscan S, which is in fact, the only one in the country.

Although there are a lot of speculations regarding who the celebrity owners of the damaged high-end cars were, the luxury car shop owner remains to be mute, keeping the identity of the cars’ owners secret. The only information that the shop owner disclosed is the total amount of damages that the accident incurred, which amounted to $200,000.

Specialty Car Craft is a well known luxury car shop specializing in very high-end and exotic cars such as Lotus cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Meanwhile, while the shop employees were shocked by the incident, the driver quickly fled the scene on foot, leaving a dying woman at the back seat of his car. Witnesses said that the man managed to pull the severely injured woman and left her bleeding on the sidewalk before finally fleeing away. 

Authorities transported the woman to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a broken pelvis, jaw and leg. Meanwhile, witnesses described the car’s driver to police as a white man in his mid-thirties. Reports said that the woman was initially in critical condition but is now stable. 

At present, the identity of the said hit-and-run driver was already determined by the authorities but will not yet be revealed until they have found a strong lead regarding the man’s whereabouts.

Just thinking of the huge amount of damages that the man will probably be held liable for will definitely make him to go the farthest mile just to escape from his liabilities.

Under the California Tort Law or the state’s personal injury law, any negligent act of a person which caused damages or injuries to other can be a ground to raise legal action.

In the said car crash, the woman may file personal injury charges against the driver to recover suitable compensation. In such event, a Los Angeles car accident attorney can provide a great help in proving a claim.