Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aviation Accident in Siberia Kills 31 and Injures 12

A Russian passenger plane crashed and burst into flames after taking off in Siberia last Monday. The said aviation accident killed 31 and injured 12 people according to emergency officials.

Initially, 13 survivors were removed from the wrecked plane, but one later died while being airlifted to the hospital in the City of Tyumen, just east of Moscow.

Video footages from news reports showed that the plane had broken into half, reclining in a snowy field, with only the tail and rear part of the fuselage visible.

Information about the main cause of the UTair airlines ATR72 crash was not yet released. However, an investigative committee is eyeing at technical malfunction of the 21–year-old plane as a possible cause of the accident.

The UTair airlines’ ATR72 was loaded with 39 passengers and 4 crews when the accident occurred. Apparently, it was the most recent aviation accident to be recorded into Russia’s safety record.

The head of the regional branch of Emergencies Ministry, Yuri Alekhin said that the “black box” flight recorder had been found and lead to the discovery that contact with the plane was lost 3 minutes after taking off in Siberia.

UTair, in its official website, said that the twin-engine, turbo-prop plane on the way to Surgut had been trying to execute an emergency landing when it came down 1.5 km from the airport in the Western Siberian city of Tayumen, an oil town in the northeast part of the region.

At present, five of the survivors were in serious condition.

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