Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pedestrian Walking Through Red Light Hit by a Train

A Metro Blue train in Watts last February 12 at 103rd Street and Grandee Avenue in California struck a man while was walking through a red light.

According to the investigation, the pedestrian missed to see the incoming southbound train because he was then looking for a northbound train. The man disregarded the red light. He walked through the traffic lights even though the traffic arm barriers and the other pedestrians and vehicles had stopped causing him to be struck by the fast approaching southbound train.

The man was taken to St. Francis Medical Center for the serious injuries he sustained from the incident. He was listed in serious condition and his identity was not released until Sunday night.

On the other hand, the train driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries while two other train passengers, who complained minor injuries, were given medical treatment right at the accident scene and have been released almost immediately.

Los Angeles Police Department Police officer, Sgt. Jerome Calhoun said that the man struck by the Metro Blue Line Train was not paying attention. He added that they don’t understand why people think that they can beat the trains for some reason.

Each year, there are always accidents that occur at the intersection near shopping malls, residences wherein both people and vehicles are often busy especially during rush hours.

Crossing the busy roads without giving proper care and attention, disregarding traffic rules and regulations and being unmindful while crossing the streets are the most common cause of fatal pedestrian accidents like what happened to the person who walked through the red light.

In this case, the accident was caused by the pedestrian’s negligence. Therefore, no one still to blame but the pedestrian alone, nevertheless, in some cases where one’s injuries were caused by other people’s carelessness, a victim could have a legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles specializing in pedestrian accidents.