Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LAPD Car Involved in a Sun Valley Car Accident

Just recently, a Los Angeles Police Department’s car was involved in a car accident with a motorcycle at Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California.

The LAPD vehicle was driven by a Los Angeles Police officer when the mishap involving a motorcycle occurred at around 2:07, February 19, in the afternoon at Stonehurst Avenue and Sunland, according to LAPD Officer, Karen Rayner.

Rayner confirmed that it was a car and a motorcycle collision. The motorcycle involved was one of the hundreds of motorcycle passing around the area.

The officer involved immediately requested a back-up due to the considerable volume of motorcycles within the area.

Rayner added that it was not yet clear if anyone sustained personal injury from the crash. However, a team of Los Angeles Fire Paramedic was still sent to the scene to address possible injuries.

Officers had cleared the road blocks at around 2:30 pm.

Surely, it was not really a huge impact accident; because if it was, it would have created a multiple-vehicle accident or left several people injured since hundreds of vehicles were passing by the accident scene during that time.

Ironically, in such mishaps, police officers were always the ones to rescue immediately; but, in this incident, nobody was instantly available since the police vehicle supposed to perform rescue operations was the one involved in the accident.

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