Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pregnant Mom Killed after 134 Freeway Crash

Is the medical condition of a pregnant woman enough for police officers to stop her from driving?

Perhaps yes. Consider the rising number of pregnant women who were recently involved in car crashes in California. To be more specific, their medical condition could have affected driving conditions at the time of crash.

Dizziness during the prenatal period may cause a pregnant driver to lose focus while on the road. Moreover, related pre-natal conditions may affect a driver’s ability to prevent a collision along freeways.

However, prohibiting pregnant women from driving on California streets may spark protests among critics. Advocates of women rights may reiterate non-discrimination regulation among motorists.

What is left to do for state officials is to help these pregnant women gain access to safety equipment. It can effectively reduce the number of fatal crashes and help save unborn children.

Let us take the case of a 30-year-old pregnant driver from Los Angeles who died after crashing her car on 134 Freeway on Sunday.

According to Los Angeles police reports, the woman was driving westbound on Victory Boulevard when her car veered off the lane and struck a tree. Paramedics rushed her to USC-Medical Center, but she and her unborn child did not survive.
Police officers described how the blunt force caused major damage to the driver's compartment.

It is not yet clear if the mother died due to the accident or if her medical condition triggered its occurrence. Regardless of the cause of the fatal incident, Cal authorities still have to implement ways to prevent a similar cause of accident.

Needless to say, pregnant women need more protection from driving hazards compared to other motorists. Seatbelt and lap belt are not enough to protect the mother and her unborn child while behind the wheels.

When all things fail, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers may try adding "driving while pregnant" to its list of prohibition.

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