Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Out of the Hospital

Unlike his father, Christopher was able to survive a tough family crisis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have not expected his son's ability to surpass a painful lung surgery and series of therapy. He could have been seen reflecting on her crashed marriage life and how it has affected his son. No wonder he granted Maria Shriver's request for spousal support after seeing how devastated she is beside the hospital bed.

Now that Christopher has survived his injuries, the Schwarzenegger family also seems to be recovering from the divorce issue.

The accident occurred two months after Arnold publicly admitted that he was fathering a 13-year-old son with the family's maid. Christopher went boogie boarding and was hit by a wave at a Malibu beach on July 17.

It is tragic to see how a once-admired family collapsed in an instant. Nevertheless, the accident left some lessons on the couple on handling tough issues with care.

Whether the divorce papers reach its conclusion or Arnold amend the papers again, we know for sure that Christopher will never be the same again. Such marks of surgery on his collapsed lung and broken ribs will remind him how pain can ease in due time.

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