Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tour Bus Accident Claims 5 Lives, Including Driver

Driving big vehicles such as busses and trucks requires extra caution and great driving skills. So, only those experienced and trained drivers should drive them to avoid any road mishaps.

A tour bus which contains a total of 36 people including a Canadian tour guide onboard was overturned on a highway overpass in Soledad last Tuesday.

The accident has killed four of the 34 French tourists and the American driver of the bus. Injuries from other passengers were also accounted.

The driver was initially reported to have survived but was later said to be one of at least three who was thrown out of the vehicle onto the street below. Another two victims were pronounced dead on the hospital while three died on the scene.

This unfortunate event calls for tighter measures on qualifying as a driver of bigger vehicles who would know how to efficiently operate it. Also, there should be safety measures concerning passengers and the construction of busses so that people will face lesser risks of road accidents.

Every motorist should be made aware of the prevention of road accidents and the special condition and difficulty to maneuver bigger vehicles and so they should maintain distance from it.