Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reducing Accidents by Being Responsible Drivers

A driver may be considered as negligent when he fails to check if the brakes of his vehicle are properly working and when he does not follow proper weight limits. The grave effects of these negligent acts can be seen through a big rig accident that occurred on the Angeles Crest Highway in La Canada.

The accident ended the lives of Angel Jorge Posca, 58, and his daughter Angelina Posca, 12. The accident also caused three persons to sustain critical injuries.

Reports showed that the big rig driver who was identified as Marco Costa, 43, pleaded not guilty and he is scheduled to show up in court on May 13th. According to a court clerk, he is free on a $200,000 bail.

Although the outcome of the case may be favorable to the family of the two big rig crash fatalities, it will not change the fact that the lives of the two were already lost and they can no longer be among the people they love.

Abiding by traffic laws does not require much effort from drivers but it can greatly prevent accidents from happening.