Friday, March 20, 2009

A Fiery Smoke

Fire happens due to various reasons. Faulty electrical wirings, defective electric appliance and negligence are some of the causes of fire.

The risk of dying or getting injured in fire is greater. More often than not, victim dies of suffocation and not of the actual fire.

Smoking is the primary cause of fire related deaths. True enough, a fire engulfed a home Wednesday morning due to smoking.

In a fire accident that happened in a San Carlos home; negligence may seemed to be the ultimate cause of the fire. Specifically, a lighted cigarette butt sparked the blazing inferno.

Fire fighters believed that the victim was smoking in bed. He might have gone to sleep and dropped the cigarette on the floor.

The victim was the sole occupant of a bungalow located at Spruce Lake Avenue, just south of Jackson Drive. Neighbors described the deceased retired accountant as a loner.

The fire was extinguished for five minutes but the damage it created was so severe that victim was unable to get out.

The firefighters revealed that the fire was very intense and hot. The materials used in the modern home ignited the fire even more. A typical modern home uses materials with hydrocarbons and plastics.