Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Electronic Stability Control System to Reduce Car Accidents

Seeing the fatalities and injuries caused by car accidents, car manufacturers and the government alike have been finding ways to prevent it.

First, cars were installed with seatbelts then with air bags. Seatbelts and air bags have decreased the number of fatalities or serious injuries caused by the impact of a collision or accident.

The government and car manufacturers seemed victorious in their pursuit to further decrease the horrific outcome of accident or in preventing accident itself. By installing electronic stability control systems (ESC) on cars, accidents or injuries dramatically decreased.

In an earlier study, the government calculated that nearly half of the 28,000 fatal vehicle crashes each year involved only a single vehicle. The cause was a car typically losing control and ending up off the road. With the availability of ESC, this type of crash could be prevented.

In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommended that buyers must consider buying a car with ESC. Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has called on car manufacturers to incorporate ESC systems in all their vehicles, making them standard features.

By model 2012, new laws would require all car manufacturers to include ESC systems on all passenger cars, sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

With the required installation of ESC in 2012, we expect reduction in car accident especially rollover accidents. However, we could not wait for 2012 to be less accident prone. We have to make a move now to prevent any road related accidents.